The Senate approves of banning steroids for athletic use.

Senators gave preliminary approval Friday to a bill that would classify steroids as controlled substances and outlaw physicians from prescribing the muscle-building drugs for athletic purposes only.Dr. George Van Komen of the Utah Medical Association said between 1,000 and 4,000 high school athletes use steroids today. "The drugs can cause impotency in men and cause kidney and liver damage in anyone who uses them," Van Komen told senators.

Sen. Richard Carling, R-Salt Lake, the bill's sponsor, said that even junior high school kids are using steroids in an effort to compete with others in athletic competition.

"If you want to run the 440 or play football on a competitive level, and the other kids are taking steroids, you'll take them too even if you don't know how they can harm you," Carling said.

"We estimate that 36 percent of all steroid use comes through a physician's prescription only for athletic use. This bill will end that," Van Komen said.