A U.S. trade group has offered to buy the unfinished U.S. embassy building in Moscow, on which construction was halted after it was found to be riddled with Soviet listening devices.

State Department spokesman Charles Redman said Thursday the government is studying the offer by the trade group headed by Dwayne O. Andreas, one of the nation's richest men and chairman of Archer Daniels Midland Co.No price has been discussed, Redman said, adding that Andreas had only informally proposed the plan to buy the building, being built by a Soviet construction company.

"It's only in channels in what we would call a very informal way, in the sense that we have had a discussion through diplomatic channels of this idea with the Soviets, but as I say, very informally and inconclusively," Redman said.

Last Oct. 27, then-President Reagan recommended that the building be razed and rebuilt.

The United States had "no choice," Reagan said at the time, "because there's no way to rid it of the many listening devices that we built into it."