A search for the body of one of Ted Bundy's victims began Friday morning, and a search for another body may begin soon, following instructions Bundy gave during the final hour of his life.

Law enforcement officers were sent Friday to an area near Capitol Reef National Park, where Bundy earlier confessed he had buried Nancy Wilcox, 16, of Holladay, who disappeared Oct. 2, 1974. And Bountiful Police Chief Larry Higgins, who is coordinating the search for the body of Debi Kent, 17, of Bountiful, said officers plan on Saturday to scout the area where Bundy claimed to buried her body.Kent disappeared from Viewmont High School Nov. 8, 1974.Bundy detailed where he hid two bodies in a confession to Florida State Prison Warden Thomas Barton just 45 minutes before the former Utahn was executed. Those instructions may help Utah law officials locate the body of Sue Curtis, 15, Bountiful, who disappeared from a Brigham Young University youth conference June 28, 1975.

In his final-hour confession, Bundy also told Barton about the April 1975 disappearance of Denise Oliverson, from Grand Junction, Colo.

About 6 a.m. EST Tuesday, Bundy asked the warden to rip a Utah map from a nearby almanac. The serial killer then used the map to describe where Curtis' body had been buried, said Salt Lake County Sheriff Pete Hayward.

"There is one more we didn't have time for when we talked," Bundy told the warden. "You should look between - it's going to be hard - Price and Green River. Ten miles south of Price, a road going south, going south on a road out of Price maybe five miles, 10 miles.

"There is a side road toward the left or toward the mountains, going east. A quarter of a mile in, this is a dirt road to the left."

Bundy told Barton he did not know the name of the girl that he buried there but said her gravesite was 100 to 200 yards from a dirt road in the area.

"To the left, maybe 50 yards, there's the remains of a young woman who disappeared from Brigham Young University in June of 1975.

"And that's as close as I can get it - with the map and with what we have here," Bundy said.> That brings to five the number of Utah cases that authorities can pin to Bundy, Hayward said. But the serial killer acknowledged "involvement" in the disappearance and killings of eight Utah women.

The five Utah women that Bundy either confessed killing or that authorities have physical evidence connecting him to are: Laura Anna Aime, 17, Lehi; Melissa Smith, 17, Midvale; Nancy Wilcox, 16, Holladay; Sur Curtis, 15, Bountiful; and Debi Kent, 17, Bountiful.

Hayward, who received the tape Thursday from Florida officials, said he was surprised at Bundy's last-minute confession.

"That's a typical pattern of Bundy - unpredictable. You just don't know how to predict him," he said. "Something struck a note in him, I guess."> The sheriff said he has asked prison officials to send the map to Salt Lake City along with exact details about where Bundy was pointing.

"It's important for us to have that information," he said. "If we could pin it down on the map of where he pointed to, we could get to the general area there."

Hayward said deputies will coordinate with Wayne County officials in their search. A man notified the Wayne Countty sheriff's office Thursday, saying he had seen a Volkswagen and a man fitting Bundy's description near that area in 1974. "It does seem kind of weird . . . but something burned in this guy's memory and when it came out, he reported it," he said.

Investigators were to meet with that man Friday, and were to return by way of Price and would "look the area over" where Bundy indicated Curtis was buried, according to Hayward.

But BYU Police Sgt. Dan Clark, who originally investigated the 1975 disappearance of Curtis, told the Deseret News he was frustrated because he hadn't been contacted by Florida or Salt Lake authorities about Bundy's recorded confession. He first heard about it through the media.

"It was a missing person from our jurisdiction," he said. "It's still an open case."

But Clark added, "Hopefully we'll be able to work with the Carbon County sheriff's office . . . and put this thing to rest."

In the tape made during his last hour of life, Bundy confessed to killing a Grand Junction woman.

"Referring again to Denise Oliver-son, or whoever it was out of Grand Junction that (Colorado detective) Mike Fisher wanted to discuss, huh, I believe the date was in April 1975. The young woman's body would have been placed in the Colorado River about five miles west of Grand Junction. It was not buried.

"That's all the ones that I can help you with. The ones that I know about - no missing ones outstanding that we haven't talked about."

When asked about inquiries from other states, Bundy denied involvement in other murders. "I can say without any question that there is no, uh, nothing for instance that I was involved in Illinois or New Jersey."

He also denied murders in Vermont, Texas and Miami.