Four years ago, after losing out to younger applicants on 150 jobs, Joyce Noyce decided she'd had enough.

At the hands of a plastic surgeon, the Rose Park grandmother shed her matronly looks and attitudes.

Noyce got a face lift.

And with her new looks came a new lease on life, three new job offers -- and a new name. Noyce, 58, is now known as "Dolly."

Cosmetic surgery "is one of the only presents, and the best one I have ever given myself because it keeps giving everday," said Noyce, who now owns and operates a beauty salon; "Dolly's Image."

"I have a daughter who is 38, and people say that I look younger that she does. My granddaughters pass for my children."

The gregarious mother of four readily admits she paid heavily for her new-found happiness -- both physically and financially.

Plastic surgery is not covered by insurance companies; her out-of-pocket cost was about $5,000.

Plus, procedures performed to reduce pouchy, sagging skin on her face, remove fat from around her eyes and give contour to her chin lasted five hours. considerable pain followed.

"I experienced the worst pain possible after surgery," she said. "But I'd do it again in a minute."

Noyce has become a plastic surgery addict.

Some women advocates see this as a sad scenario.

"My concern is that it seems like a fragile thing to pin your self-esteem on," said Karen Shephaerd, former editor of Network Magazine. "My wish would be that men and women work on better relationships, more fulfilling careers and things that have always worked better for me in terms of my own self-esteem."

Other women don't agree with Shepherd.

"I used to believe that self-esteem was just strictly inside out," said Anita Bennett, a plastic surgeon's assistant and operating room technician. "But now I believe it's twofold. It's the outside in the the inside out -- both."

Following the birth of her three children, Mullen's breast decreased in size. Upon the recommendation of her gynecologist, she man an appointment with a plastic surgeon. She borrowed $1,700 for the surgery.

"I didn't have that much money, but I felt it was worth borrowing it to have the surgery done," the bashful, brown-eyed brunette said. "it was well worth it; a price can't be put on what it has done for me.

"I'd recommend it to anyone."