Jerry Rice, the Super Bowl's most valuable player, claimed in a TV interview Wednesday he has been relegated to the back pages of the sports section while most attention focuses on Joe Montana.

Rice, 26, who made three catches during the final drive in Sunday night's game and helped give the San Francisco 49ers the 20-16 victory, told KRON-TV in the copyright interview that the media has not given him the attention he deserves."I would say it's the media, the media's fault, because they're not getting my name out there," Rice told sportscaster Pete Liebengood during the interview at San Francisco International Airport.

"I don't know if I'll get any recognition in commercials or anything," said the star receiver, "but right now, the way things are looking, I'm not going to get nothing out of being MVP. Just the name, the MVP, and that's it."

San Francisco Chronicle sports editor John Curley said he was "taken by surprise" by the remark.

Glenn Schwarz, sports editor of the San Francisco Examiner, said: "I'm sorry he feels that way, because there was no conscious decision on our part to slight him."

When Liebengood asked whether Rice would agree "there is an implication" of racism in his statement, Rice replied, "Yeah, I would say so."

When Rice accepted the MVP award after Sunday's game, he said he would "rather give Joe (Montana) the MVP any day" because Montana had been the team's leader throughout the year. Rice told Liebengood that he agrees Montana deserves the recognition he receives but that Rice should share more of the limelight.