The land north of Provo School District's administrative offices will soon be transformed into a parking lot, now that the board of education has approved the property sale.

A group of doctors will purchase the south parcel of the field, which extends south from the Goodyear building to 1230 North. The 1.29-acre parcel was sold for $200,000 to be used for parking at the Utah Valley Physicians Plaza, 1055 N. Third West.Before the doctors would agree to the sale, however, school board members had to lift some restrictive conditions previously placed on the land's use.

Those conditions restricted the use of alcoholic beverages on the premises and any type of activity that would draw students away from school during regular hours.

Board members agreed to lift restrictions making it illegal to use or deal with alcoholic beverages on a commercial basis. But the new restrictions will still prohibit any type of business that would attract students away from school while it is in session.

The district placed restrictions on the property because educators were concerned that an arcade or some similar type of facility constructed on the property would encourage students to leave the Provo High School campus during school.

Board members accepted the new restrictions upon recommendation by the district's attorney Mark Robinson.

The north parcel of land bordering 1230 North, approximately two acres, is also for sale and was appraised at $500,000.