Two officers who lodged a prostitution charge against an employee of a sex talk business will not be questioned in preparation for a civil suit filed by the company until after the employee's trial.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Bruce S. Jenkins ruled Monday that lawyers for Allusions Inc. cannot question the officers until June 15, when the criminal trial is expected to be over.Allusions' owners want to operate a sex talk business. Women employees would be allowed to strip and talk to clients. The company has been attempting, without success, to get a business license.

Allusions has been turned down three times for a license since September. On Feb. 2, it filed a U.S. District Court civil suit against the city for denying the license.

The next day, a city undercover officer visited Allusions at 1817 S. Main, Suite 6. Employee Jacqueline Freshwater, 35, was charged with soliciting sex and working without a license.

Her criminal trial will probably take place before June 1. A pretrial conference is scheduled for March 31.

Meanwhile, the officers are required to give depositions for the federal civil trial.