The City Council will meet in a special session before its next council meeting to discuss what to do about continuing personnel problems.

Those problems include city employees taking extended breaks during working hours, using city equipment, facilities, supplies or machinery for personal activities, lack of control over who uses city vehicles and for what purposes, and use of purchase orders without proper authorization.In its last meeting, the council approved appointment of a director of city services, a position created to provide control and improve efficiency in city operations. However, the appointee, Gary Spencer, Orem, later informed Mayor Kent Evans that he will not accept the position, because of personal considerations.

The council met Jan. 16 in an executive session to discuss what to do in light of Spencer's decision to turn down the position. Apparently, the council was unable to reach a consensus.

During Tuesday's council meeting, Evans recommended the search committee that had reviewed applicants for the city services position be given 30 days to make a new recommendation. The council rejected that suggestion, instead voting 3-2 to meet in the special session for further discussion of the situation.

Evans read a memo sent to city employees on April 15, 1988, saying the City Council had agreed to take whatever steps necessary to maximize efficiency in the city's operations. The memo says that while many good people work for the city, there was room for improvement; the memo later outlines problems that had been brought to the council's attention and says such practices are unacceptable.

Evans said that despite efforts to make improvements in these areas there had not been an end to the abuses of city policy.