Sen. Fred Finlinson, R-Murray, sent a message to county commissioners Wednesday - open more dirt county roads to off-road-vehicle use or the Legislature will do it for you.

Finlinson, an avid off-road enthusiast, wanted to amend an off-road-vehicle bill to require that all dirt county roads be open to RV use unless specifically closed by a county commission. Current law says that all county roads are closed unless specifically opened, and Finlinson says that 16 counties haven't even bothered to designate any roads open.Finlinson settled for a compromise whereby county commissions will be officially warned that they must designate county dirt roads either open or closed this year.

Grand County Commissioner Dave Knudson, who rents RVs as a sideline business, told senators that his county has designated 5,000 miles of county dirt roads open. "You can't post a road closed, as (Finlinson) wants - it would cost us too much and the signs wouldn't stay up," he said.