A Salt Lake Olympics committee voted Wednesday to accept a list of possible venues where athletes from around the world would compete should the 1998 Winter Olympics be held in Utah.

But the proposed sites aren't set in stone. Committee members say they want to see how badly Provo and other cities may want to participate in the international event before a finalized list of venues is accepted.The primary options of the Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee list venues from Ogden to Salt Lake City. Provo was not listed among the most favored sites, but committee members said the city is still a viable option for hosting Olympic events.

"When we started this process, we wanted to make sure these were Utah games," said Tom Welch, committee chairman.

"I'm not sure that we've given an adequate opportunity for communities outside of Salt Lake and Summit counties to give their input as to their desire to participate."

Welch said Utah County and other communities should be approached to see how big of a part they want to play in the Olympic games before the committee reaches a final decision.

The primary options recommend that Salt Lake City facilities host the athlete village, press center, opening and closing ceremonies, ice hockey and figure skating events. Park City ski resort would host the slalom, Deer Valley the giant slalom and Park West would host ballet and moguls.

Snow Basin ski resort would host the super giant slalom and downhill events, Summit County would host the ski jump, bobsled and luge and Mountain Dell would host cross country and biathlon events. Ogden would host speed skating.

"The community of Ogden has showed a great interest in developing speed skating . . . and keeping it going on after the Olympics," said committee member Neil Richardson.

The committee's second option lists BYU's Marriott Center as an alternative option to the University of Utah's Huntsman Center to host Olympic ice hockey events.