A Weber County man pleaded guilty Wednesday to 13 sexual abuse and burglary charges in exchange for prosecutors' dropping related investigations against him.

In Ogden, Blaine Hogge Nelson, 33, was charged with four counts each of rape, sodomy and aggravated burglary and a single count of forcible sexual abuse in connection with sexual assaults involving seven women."But we had 10 or 12 or maybe more cases we felt we could link to him," said County Attorney Reed Richards. "We've agreed to drop those.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Richards. "Nine of the 13 felonies he pleaded to carry minimum mandatory sentences. And, there's no obligation for any other legal jurisdiction" to end possible prosecutions.

Nelson, Harrisville, Weber County, also faces 11 other felony complaints in Cedar City in connection with five sexual attacks there.

In addition, investigators in Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming have been to northern Utah to question Nelson about burglary-sex crimes in their states.