SB162 (Holmgren) - Transfers some duties from the Division of Family Services to the Office of Assistance Payments.

SJR8 (Holmgren) - Agrees with the Health Department's moratorium on Medicaid reimbursement on long-term hospital and nursing home stays.


HB224 (Davis) - Amends the eligibility requirements for a person to participate in tax abatement and deferral programs.

HB225 (Waddoups) - Requires a written employment agreement between an attorney and client before any lien may be binding.

HB226 (Atkinson) - Establishes minimum bond amounts for aviation fuel distributors.

HB227 (Protzman) - Creates a trust fund for the purpose of funding economic development projects.

HB228 (Rush) - Requires policy provisions for surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder and craniomandibular skeletal deformities.

HB229 (Tuttle) - Allows mentally retarded person to obtain a fishing license for $5.

HB230 (Holt) - Appropriates $3.85 million from the general fund to the Utah Department of Transportation to restore the north causeway to Antelope Island.

HJR20 (Hunter) - Rescinds the call for a convention to consider a balanced budget amendment and replaces it with a resolution calling upon Congress to pass such an amendment.