Japanese families awaiting the arrival of Utah high school students to their country may have to wait a little longer if Provo School District is unable to get 20 students signed up for the July exchange program.

According to Ken Ivory, American coordinator of the Japanese-American exchange, 10 students from the Provo School District have already committed to going, but 10 more students must sign up by April 30 to make the trip possible.To help with enrollment, the district has made an open invitation to interested students throughout the state.

"We would like to extend an invitation to high school students around the state who would be interested in discovering the culture of Japan to join us in our three-week visit to Japan," Ivory said.

The visit is more than just a sightseeing trip, he said. The students will be part of a family in Tokyo for two weeks and will visit such places as the Imperial Palace, the Government Building, Tokyo Tower and Meiji Shrine.

Students will also travel to ancient Kamakura and have a one-week stay in rural Yamanashi where they will visit Japanese businesses.

The Provo School District has been host to Japanese students twice since the exchange program began. The most recent group of Japanese students came to Utah in March.

Ivory said the Japanese families are eager to return the hospitality their youths received during their previous visits to Utah.

The cost of the three-week exchange is $1,950. Students interested in participating should contact Merrell Hansen at the Provo School District Office at 373-6301.