This small former mining town is teeming with activity as movie fans from all over the world gather to see what's new in independent filmmaking.

Scattered among the crowds are lots of familiar faces - Hey, isn't that the guy from "The Sure Thing" (John Cusak)? That guy was in "Aliens," wasn't he (Bill Paxton)?Other more prominent celebrities, ranging from Robert Redford to Jodie Foster, can also be glimpsed here and there. And there are many more behind-the-camera "stars" who wander among the fans completely unrecognized.

But the real reason to go to Park City this week has nothing to do with stargazing - it's all those movies.

And there really is something for everyone this year, ranging from an in-competition horror movie, "Clownhouse," to an out-of-competition family film, "Journey to Spirit Island."

- WEDNESDAY'S BEST BETS: "Of Men and Angels" is considered a strong contender among the dramatic films in the independent competition this year, and will have its second festival screening Wednesday morning. Other strong dramatic entries screening Wednesday are "Heathers," "Prisoners of Inertia" and "Let's Get Lost."

On the documentary side there are "Isadora Duncan," "Lightning Over Braddock," "For All Mankind" and "Comic Book Confidential," all strong entries in the independent competition.

The seminar Wednesday discusses "Foreign Sales and Financing," and there will be more John Cassevetes films, primarily "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie."

The United States Film Festival is presented by the Sundance Institute, in cooperation with Utah Film Development. Festival officials suggest you phone ahead to see that seats are still available for the movies you want to see and to reserve tickets. The festival information line is 322-1700.