A 6th District Court jury has awarded John Call Engineering $13,400 damages in a suit brought against Manti City by the engineering firm for breach of contract.

The litigation originated six years ago when the city awarded the engineering firm a contract for work on the city's new sewer system.After Call Engineering had completed the original plans, the city awarded the contract for the engineering to another firm, Thurgood & Associates.

Call Engineering then sued, saying its contract with the city provided for both design and construction.

In a court hearing, 6th District Judge Don Tibbs ruled in favor of the city. Call then appealed the case to the Utah Supreme Court. The court reversed Tibbs' ruling and sent the case back to the 6th District Court for a determination of damages.

The eight-person jury, after hearing arguments on both sides of the case and examining numerous figures on costs and lost profits to Call Engineering, awarded the firm the damages.

"We're very happy to come to the conclusion of this case," Mayor May Peterson said. "It's a relief to finally get it off our backs."

But she admitted that the case is still not entirely off the city's back. "We don't have that amount in our current budget," she said, "so we'll have to find some way to raise that amount."