The letter relieved the penitent sender's guilty conscience. It also urged the recipient to be honest.

"The enclosed $100 is to be used to purchase film strips for the Davis County Library," said the letter, typed without erasure on plain white paper."A few years back, I borrowed some film strips, and due to extenuating circumstances, I was unable to return them. I have now finally gotten enough ahead to send the money today . . . and I WANT IT TO GO FOR NEW FILM STRIPS," it continued.

"The person opening this letter had better not take it for their own use!!!!!!!" the note said.

"(You will never know the sacrifice and struggle that has gone into supplying you with this $100 today)" explained the letter, which wrapped two new $50 bills.

"Please . . . IT MUST BE USED TO BUY NEW FILM STRIPS FOR THE Davis County Library!!!!!!!!!"

"Thank You. I am trusting you will put the money to the use I have specified!!!!!!!!"

The letter was unsigned.

Library Director Jeanne Layton said of the writer, "There must have been great pains of conscience." She said she doesn't have a clue who it was or when the film strips were checked out.

But she said that because film strips are "an obsolete format," the library board will spend the money to enhance the video cassette collection at the central branch.

"I'm sure if I could talk to them, they would see the wisdom of that," Layton said.