A "puppy in training" to become a Guide Dog waits patiently for his chance to lobby the House Social Services Standing Committee. The dog was one of a dozen who appeared in committee to promote HB79, sponsored by Rep. Joanne R. Milner, D-Salt Lake. The bill, which received the committee's approval, would allow the dogs to enter public places like restaurants while they are being trained. The dogs receive their early training from young 4-H members. The "puppies in training" are bred by Guide Dogs, Inc., in San Rafael, Calif., then raised by members of the 4-H Clubs in several states. Guide Dogs are retrievers or German shepherds, selected for their ease of grooming, their medium size and their willingness to be trained, according to David Antes, State Youth Guide Dog Association. The animals are socialized and receive obedience training from the youths for a year before they are returned to California for their formal training. Rep. Beverly White, D-Tooele, praised the program and the youths who help train the dogs. "I only wish more lobbyists were as well-trained," she quipped.