A Utah couple has been indicted by an Ada County grand jury on charges of felony child abandonment.

Edward and Deborah Tuinman's 7-year-old retarded son, Eddy, was found half naked and battered earlier this month at a rest stop along I-84 near Boise.Tuesday's indictment supersedes abandonment charges previously filed against the couple and cancels the preliminary hearing in which the public defender would have been allowed to cross-examine witnesses.

The Tuinmans are expected to be arraigned on the charges Wednesday or Thursday.

After he was found by truckers Jan. 4, authorities had few clues to the identity of the boy, who is mute, until a 5-year-old former neighbor in Salt Lake recognized Eddy on a TV newscast.

The next day, his parents were arrested as they drove through Utah en route to Arizona where they sought work.

The Tuinmans were returned to Idaho and were being held in the Ada County Jail. The boy, whom doctors say was seriously abused for years, is in the protective custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.