The damaged engine on a Skyworld charter plane that had a rough landing at the Salt Lake International Airport Sunday is being replaced.

Skyworld officials report that the aircraft has undergone a structural check and no faults were found in the plane's body. However, a new engine is being sent from Denver to Salt Lake to replace the damaged engine.A Skyworld spokesman in Denver said Wednesday that early news reports of a Sunday incident contained "erroneous" information.

Utah media reported that the Skyworld aircraft, which carried 185 passengers, tilted and dragged its left engine for 500 feet while landing at the Salt Lake International Airport. But the Skyworld spokesman says that the aircraft's landing affected only a 20-foot area.

"The plane had a hard landing. The engine scraped the runway. That's it," said the spokesman, who asked to remain anonymous.

Arnold Scott, investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, told the Deseret News there is a groove in the runway 50 to 60 feet long and about an inch deep.

The original 500-foot figure came from preliminary information, said Scott.

While the investigation remains under way, Scott said the plane "did not touch down in the proper way. If it had done so, we would not have had the damage to the runway."

The Skyworld plane, chartered by Morris Travel Agency, was arriving in Salt Lake City after a flight from Honolulu.