If you believe everything you read, Ted Bundy was one busy serial killer.

And Bundy, it seems, is your man if you're a law enforcement official with an unsolved murder of a young girl - or maybe even two - on your hands.So far, he's been linked in the media to the killings and disappearances of nearly 40 young women in at least 10 states, stretching from California to Vermont. The expanded list includes 11 Utah murders or disappearances.

By the time the memory of the execution of America's foremost serial killer starts to fade, however, Bundy's deadly exploits will probably return to more reasonable - albeit prolific - levels.

Local authorities say Bundy may indeed be responsible for 11 killings in Utah, but they're sticking with a more conservative number for now - eight.

Salt Lake County sheriff's detective Dennis Couch said the number is based on Bundy admitting to murdering eight Utah girls and women to a "good source" during one of several 11th-hour confessionals.

Local law enforcement officials, however, are having a difficult time pinning down who the eight are, Couch said. And, in fact, they may never do so.

Couch, who talked to Bundy for 90 minutes in Florida less than 24 hours before he went to the electric chair, said Bundy actually confessed to only two Utah killings - Nancy Wilcox and Debra Kent, both 17.

Bundy also disavowed any responsibility for Nancy Baird, 23, a mother who disappeared from a Layton service station July 4, 1975, Couch said Wednesday. Baird does fit the profile of Bundy's victims.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Pete Hayward has said that authorities believe they have sufficient evidence to tie Bundy to the murders of Melissa Smith, 17, and Laura Ann Aime, 17, although Bundy would not answer Couch's questions about them.

But that only makes four.

Couch said that Bundy did allude to two more Utah victims.

Couch also said Bundy apparently detailed another Utah homicide shortly before his execution. That information, when it arrives, may or may not shed additional light.

"Ted recalled another body he was responsible for. Whether this is one of the two he alluded to or something new all together I don't know," Couch said.


Search begins

Two Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs were dispatched Wednesday to survey the mapped areas where the bodies of Nancy Wilcox and Debra Kent are believed buried. Detective Dennis Couch declined to say where the deputies went, except to say they "went east and south."