Cornerback Tim McKyer boogied atop a cable car and Most Valuable Player Jerry Rice waved from a vintage convertible Cadillac as 300,000 screaming fans welcomed home the San Francisco 49er Super Bowl superheroes.

"It was a great win, a great season. We're so proud of the 49ers in this city. We're known for a lot of things, and I'm glad sports is now up there with them," said an ecstatic John McGee, 21, who strained against a police barrier Monday under a shower of confetti tossed from offices along the Market Street route of the homecoming parade.Coach Bill Walsh, his third Super Bowl victory of the decade safely under his belt and the game trophy clutched in his hands, road in a convertible beside Mayor Art Agnos, who wore a red 49ers sweater. Sharing the car was team owner Edward DeBartolo Jr.

Quarterback Joe Montana, his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters waved from the seats of one cable car, as dozens of police motorcycles and squad cars flanked the procession, lights flashing.

Retiring center Randy Cross videotaped the fans as they cheered with joy, while defenseive back Ronnie Lott did a mock imitation of the "Ickey Shuffle" aboard another cable car.

"Three Super Bowls. The Niners are the team of the decade. They're awesome," said an unidentified young woman wearing a red 49ers cap and cheering the team at the foot of Market Street.

Gov. George Deukmejian said in a statement that the team not only laid claim "to the `Team of the 80s' designation, but proved to the world that California "is the state of champ-ions."

Police said the celebration went well, without the broken windows, trashed police cars and other bedlam that accompanied 49er Super Bowl victories in 1982 and 1985.