The Navajo Tribe's election panel wants to limit all future elected tribal officials to a maximum of two terms.

Election officials said last week they will ask members of the Tribal Council to approve such a measure.Plans were also announced to remove from tribal voting rolls all Navajo voters who have not cast ballots in the past two major tribal elections, for the first time in the tribe's 60-year modern history.

The recommendation limiting candidates for all public offices to a maximum of two terms was not supported by all those who spoke at public hearings held by the tribe over the past several months, according to Clinton Jim, director of public services for the tribe.

Jim said those who spoke at the hearing favored limiting the chairman to two terms, because he was running reservation-wide, but wanted to allow local people to decide, through their votes, how long someone should be able to hold chapter and council positions.

Navajo elections are conducted under election law enacted in 1966 at the recommendation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The proposed changes are the first major effort by the tribal government to run elections the way Navajos want them run, Jim said.