A woman who was once stranded overnight in Kodachrome State Park by a flash flood that swept across the only road leading into the park told lawmakers Tuesday that the 6-mile dirt road needs to be paved and a bridge constructed over the wash.

Sandy Murri, who was taking a break from her fund-raising duties in southern Utah for a national charity 11/2 years ago when the incident occurred, was one of several park enthusiasts who spoke on behalf of a bill to appropriate $1.4 million to the Utah Department of Transportation to upgrade roads leading in and through state parks.The bill was heard by the House Judiciary Committee, prompting several committee members to question why it was not reviewed by the Transportation and Public Safety Committee that recently rejected a $1.6 million proposal to transform 70th South into Jordan River Boulevard.

But Rep. Frank Knowlton, R-Layton, said he didn't know why the bill was sent to the Judiciary Committee, where some committee members suggested that he expected it to receive more favorable treatment. And after questioning Knowlton, the Judiciary Committee approved his bill.