While the eyes of the nation have been focused on Florida and convicted killer Ted Bundy's unsuccessful legal battle to avoid the electric chair, more than just passing interest in the outcome has been shown in Utah.

Bundy earned his spot in the annals of state history when he went on what lawenforcement officials believe was a brief, but bloody, rampage along the WasatchFront between 1974 and 1975 _ the same time he was attending the University of Utah as a second-year law student.Although no arrests were made, except for the aggravated kidnapping of 18-year-old Carol DaRonch, Bundy has confessed to murdering eight Utah women.

Most Utahns can boast of having a friend of a friend of a friend who knew or had personal contact with Bundy during his reign of terror in Utah. For some, that contact, however brief, will remain with them for a lifetime.>