The sadistic hunger that drove Ted Bundy to rape and kill burned in his heart with such a fury he could neither explain nor control it.

They were crimes so heinuous even seasoned police officers normally accustomed to human butchery were stunned speechless.The key to the brutality, said Bundy in a final interview, was rooted firmly in his passion for hard-core pornography - a passion that eventually escalated to the point of acting out his fantasies.

Dr. James Dobson, a national expert on the effects of pornography, interviewed Bundy for an hour shortly before his death. "The main message of that hour was a message to the American people about pornography."

Dobson, who hosts the nationally syndicated program, "Focus on the Family," will broadcast his interview with Bundy at a future date.

"He wanted to say to everybody that pornography did not cause him to do the things he did. But he did say it was the fuel for his fantasies that led him to do these horrible things. And it is his concern that other people out there are falling victim to the same thing and innocent women and children will be affected by it."

Bundy himself opened a correspondence with Dobson last August, apparently because of Dobson's involvement with the U.S. Attorney General's Commission on Pornography. It was Bundy who wanted a forum to answer the question that has haunted Bundy's family and friends: How could a young man from a loving home become America's most notorious killer?

"He feels he ran into trouble when he was 12 or 13 and began to find pornography in the drug stores," said Dobson. "He even found some along the road that had been discarded. He began to be addicted to it. It became an obsession with him and as he went through the adolescent years, he continued down that progressive road of wanting ever more violent and hard-core material."

As Bundy reached the end of his adolescence, he was totally obsessed with pornography, moving from soft-core to hard-core, depicting explicit acts of violence.

As Bundy progressed toward harder and harder pornography, there came a time in his life when looking at pornography no longer provided sexual stimulation. Bundy pondered his dilemma for about a year, and then "made the tragic jump to acting out."

"After he killed the first woman, he went through a six-month period where he was in great distress and was extremely guilty. He was frightened and he couldn't believe he had done that. But that feeling gradually subsided and then the sexual frenzy he would go through occurred again and he killed another woman. Only this time, the intense agony was a little easier to cope with and it lasted a shorter period of time. He did that so many times he got to the point that he could not feel anymore."