They introduce him on the show as from Redlands, Calif., but Brian Wangsgard, that fellow who's been winning on "Jeopardy" this week, grew up in Ogden and lived in Sandy from 1981 to 1986.

The Dupont salesman still gets back to the Beehive State often on business as well as to ski and visit family.Some of his Utah friends have been calling this week to ask how well he did on the show, since it was taped last October. But he's not telling.

"I've been withholding this for three months from my friends so we could laugh and have fun with it."

He made the mistake of revealing his total winnings to the local paper, the Redland Daily Facts, and the paper spilled the beans. But he's still holding out on his Utah friends because, "They don't get the Facts up there."

Wangsgard said this was his fourth try at getting on "Jeopardy." His first was about 18 years ago, when he tried out for the show in New York. Then he auditioned again in 1986 and 1987. "And finally in 1988 I was selected."

His wife, Marian, and four children encouraged him. "My wife said, `You just have the greatest wealth of useless knowledge of anyone there is, so you ought to try to get on.' "

Wangsgard said he found out on the show aired last Friday that he doesn't know much about country music, though. He didn't get anything right in that category.

But he said he's learned that timing in ringing the buzzer and skill in betting on final jeopardy can be as important as knowing the answers.

Although he did win some money and the family is thinking about taking a trip to England as a result, Wangsgard said he discovered that his real motivation once he was playing was pure competition. He just wanted to beat the other contestants.

He's amused that some friends assumed he did poorly. "My initial comment was always, `I had a lot of fun and didn't embarrass myself.' Well, they just assumed all kinds of things from that."