Shortly after Ted Bundy's March 1975 conviction for the aggravated kidnappingof Carol DaRonch, the joke circulated by local attorneys was that Bundy was the only guy ever framed for something he did.

A decade later, the humor is still lost on Bruce Lubeck, who teamed with JohnO'Connell to serve as Bundy's legal counsel during the DaRonch trial. Now, as then, Lubeck believes his client never should have been convicted."Bundy shouldn't have been found guilty in the DaRonch case. The evidence to convict wasn't there," said Lubeck, now an assistant U.S. attorney.

In fact, Lubeck says, with the exception of the Florida killings, all of the cases brought against Bundy have been weak.

Lubeck said at the time of the DaRonch trial, Bundy hadn't done anything more serious than stealing something occasionally. Lubeck says he fully believed his client's innocence at the time.

He said it wasn't until the Colorado investigation that he began having doubts - doubts that would be confirmed by happenings in Florida.

Lubeck also has problems accepting the fact Bundy was responsible for the disappearance of Debra Kent from the Viewmont High School parking lot in Bountiful the same night that DaRonch was abducted in Murray.

Lubeck says he's driven the distance between Fashion Place Mall, where the DaRonch abduction took place, to Viewmont High a minimum of 20 times and he doesn't think it's likely Bundy could have done both.

"I guess what I'm saying is that if the police are right about DaRonch, Bundy couldn't have done Kent."