Heavy shelling from inside Cambodia forced about 5,000 Cambodian refugees to evacuate a Khmer Rouge-run camp to areas deeper into Thailand, a Thai official said Tuesday.

The refugees fleeing the bombardment - mostly women and children - retreated Thursday and Friday about one-third of a mile from their camp in Thailand's eastern Trat province, said the official.The Borai camp is about 21/2 miles from the Cambodian border.

The official gave no report of casualties from the bombardment, which ended Saturday.

Gunners fired 30 mortar and artillery rounds in the attacks, the official said. The shelling is believed to have come from Vietnamese forces or those of Cambodia's Vietnamese-installed government.

The refugees will return to the camp they fled when authorities have determined the camp is "again safe to re-enter and live," the official said in a telephone interview.

Military officials told a news conference Monday that 170 artillery rounds crashed into the area near the camp during the month that ended Monday, but said fighting along the border was less intense compared to previous months.

Thai military officers previously said Vietnam has withdrawn some troops 19 miles from the border area to ease tensions.