In Hico, Texas, where no one wants to be mayor, Glenn Marshall holds the post but says he doesn't want it, either.

"I don't plan to take the job," said Marshall, who won a candidateless election Saturday with 41 write-in votes.Only 66 people voted. The remaining votes were cast for nine other non-candidates.

The Hamilton County town of about 1,500, 65 miles southwest of Fort Worth, has been without a mayor since J.M. Blakley resigned in July after two months. Marshall, who was mayor pro tem, has been acting mayor since Blakley's resignation.

An election was called for Saturday to fill the mayoral vacancy, but no one filed for the office. Marshall said any potential candidates probably shied away from running because of "too much regulation - state and federal - down the road."

Marshall said he would rather just serve on the town council, for the mayor votes on matters only to break ties.

Marshall said he is unsure what will happen when he steps down. He said the council may appoint a mayor or it may decide to ask the Texas Municipal League to determine what happens to the post no one wants.