How well do you know your child? Many of us consider ourselves good parents, but when questioned about our child's life in some detail, we are hard pressed to come up with the answers.

See if you can answer the following questions about your child's life.1. What are your child's two favorite television shows?

2. Name several books your child has read in the last few months or several movies he or she saw.

3. Name two topics you and your child discussed in depth in the last week. (Do not count discussions of "when are you going to buckle down and study," "when are you going to clean up your room," and "when are you going to get your college applications filled out." These are lectures, not back-and-forth discussion.)

4. Name the subjects your child takes in school and those he or she likes best.

5. Who is your child's favorite relative? Why?

6. What friend of yours does your child like least? Why?

7. What does your child want to be when he or she grows up?

8. What does your child do in free time for fun?

9. Can you recall the last time you gave your child a hug and said how much you cared about him or her?

10. What is your child most dissatisfied with about himself or herself?

11. How many hours does your child spend watching television, reading, playing with friends, working, doing homework, talking on the telephone and conversing with you?

If you were able to answer the majority of these questions, you are setting things in motion to have a good relationship with your child.