Salt Lake County Republicans want former U.N. ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick to be Vice President George Bush's running mate this year.

Their second choice is Elizabeth Dole, wife of Sen. Robert Dole, R-Kan., and former transportation secretary.Monday evening in their GOP caucuses, Republicans took a straw poll on who should run with Bush. The vice president will make that choice, of course, at the Republican National Convention. Utah Republicans didn't take a presidential preference vote because Bush already has the nomination wrapped up.

State GOP leaders said they weren't surprised that Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Dole were on the vice presidential list. But they were surprised that they were the top two candidates favored by county Republicans.

The results of the straw vote are being mailed to the party headquarters, and not enough outlying areas have been heard from to get a statewide picture of GOP preference. However, about 80 percent of Salt Lake County Republican caucuses have been heard from, GOP leaders said.