The Ogden School Board has voted to put proposed consolidation of the Ogden and Weber school districts to the voters.

But whether the issue will appear on the ballot in the 1989 municipal election, or the 1990 general election has not been determined.The Weber school board decided earlier in the school year to put the issue to a vote. And at its Tuesday night meeting, the Ogden board agreed - even though district officials maintain consolidation would be too expensive and hurt Ogden education programs.

Opinions differed on whether the municipal election or 1990 general election would be the best forum for the issue.

Resident Curt Geiger said that "taking another year to study the issue won't hurt anything," adding that only government employees vote during an off-year election.

School board members countered that they were sure people would accuse them of ducking the issue if they waited to put it to a vote until 1990.

"In 1990, the issue would be lost among hundreds of issues," said Ogden board president George Bell. "We need to get on with it. If people are interested, they'll vote."

However, the boards decided to form a community group to study the report and come up with a summary. The Weber board also decided to review a chapter of the study at each of its board meetings.