PTL founder Jim Bakker has selected as his attorney a flamboyant octogenarian whose legal career spans six decades and whose clients have included Alfried Krupp at the Nuremberg trials.

George T. Davis may not be a household name like Melvin Belli or F. Lee Bailey, but he has defended some notable clients, including Krupp, heir to the German munitions empire who was convicted in 1948 of war crimes and sentenced to 12 years. He was released after three years.Among the others: Caryl Chessman, who was executed for kidnapping two women and sexually assaulting them in 1948, and labor agitator Tom Mooney, who was sentenced to death for his participation in the 1916 bomb killings of 10 people in California. Mooney was given an unconditional pardon in 1939.

Throughout Davis' long career, his courtroom style often has been colorful.

"I always try my cases a little differently," Davis said. "Let's just leave it at that."

His background includes paying his way through the law school of the University of California at Berkeley in the 1920s by playing drums in a jazz band. He has studied hypnosis, portrayed himself in a documentary and is writing a book about the death penalty.

At 81, Davis remains active, as evidenced by his workout before an 8 a.m. interview last week.