An all-new version of the children's "Mickey Mouse Club" will premiere April 24 over the Disney Channel cable network, but first generation Mouseketeers might not recognize it.

The new "Mickey Mouse Club" will once again revolve around the exploits of 12 children and two adults. The grownups in the new version are Fred Newman, the award-winning host of the children's talk show, "Livewire," on the Nickolodeon cable network, and Mowava Pryor.But Disney spokesmen have already confirmed that the Mouseketeers' trademark Mickey Mouse ears will not be part of the cast wardrobe. They also insist that the new Mouseketeers were not recruited for Hollywood star quality, but three names are already being promoted as potential crowd pleasers.

They are Tiffini Hale, 13, a veteran of acting jobs on "Kids' Biz," "Miami Vice" and several commercials; Chase Hampton, 14, a teenage singer and dancer; and Deedee Magno, 13, a singer.