The Salt Lake Women's Bowling Association is hoping to bring the WIBC national championships to Utah for the first time.

Nancy Pecharich, SLWBA secretary, says a contingent from Salt Lake will bid for the 1993 tournament at this year's national convention in Bismarck, N.D., in April.Pecharich says the SLWBA is in need of corporate sponsors to fund the trip to Bismark. The group must raise $70,000-100,000 to pay for the travel and presentation expenses. If the tournament - which runs annually from April through June - comes to Salt Lake in 1993, it is expected to bring almost 80,000 visitors to the area. She estimates the convention would generate about $20 million for the Salt Lake City economy.

The Ritz Classic Bowl would be the main site of the tournament, Pecharich said. Other cities vying for the tournament are Baton Rouge, La. and San Antonio.

"We are optimistic," she said. "We don't think there's too much competition because this is an area the WIBC has never been. With that in mind, we're going to win (the nomination)."

Ogden once considered making a bid for the WIBC tourney but was turned down by the site committee due to a lack of hotel space and transportation. Salt was been OK'd by the site committee last fall.

Those interested in sponsoring the Utah contingent at the national convention should call 968-6816 or 265-2111.