Caring - for the people of America, for God's creation and for reconciliationof the nations of the Earth - is the credo of a special worship service marking the inauguration of George Bush as president.

A litany for it, expected to echo in many churches across the country at his suggestion, goes in part:"O God of all goodness and grace . . . grant us . . . a teachable and humble spirit . . . a heart that mourns with those who suffer . . . faith that the world shall not be inherited by the violent . . . but by those whom gentleness makes great."

At Bush's request, the worship is to crown weekend inaugural events this Sunday at the National Cathedral, the Episcopal center in Washington and the denomination of Bush and his family.

"He wants the inaugural to culminate not with fireworks but with prayer," his wife, Barbara, told planners.

Bush, his family and an ecumenical turnout of religious leaders, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish, are taking part in the service, including Episcopal Presiding Bishop Edmund L. Browning of New York.

Copies of the liturgy have been sent to pastors of all faiths across the country, and Bush has written them an open letter, suggesting they hold similar Sunday morning services, afterward ringing church bells.

The hourlong service includes scripture readings and sermons.