Teachers can use newspapers to help all of their students, from the intellectually handicapped to the gifted and talented, and the Deseret News is ready to show them several ways to do so.

The paper's annual teacher workshop, "Newspaper Magic," will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 28 in East Midvale Elementary School, 6990 S. Third East.Teachers are invited to choose from 14 small-group sessions lasting 45 minutes each. These sessions will focus on topics ranging from using the paper to teaching about the U.S. presidency to understanding the meanings of editorial cartoons.

Deseret News Chief Copy Editor W. Lee Hunt will discuss the art of headlines and editing, and Nancy Larsen, of Jordan District's East Midvale Elementary School, will explore strategies for using newspapers in the lower elementary grades. Granite District's Marlene M. Woolley, who teaches at Taylorsville Elementary, will look using the paper to develop student interest in mathematics.

"The Deseret News is an excellent `encyclopedia,' " said Sheila Keller-Powell, from Jordan District's Riverside Elementary, who will discuss ways to use the newspaper to teach geography. "I use the Deseret News constantly in my classroom. The main value of the newspaper is covering current events; however, I also use the newspaper for vocabulary, math, geography, and as a jumping board for story writing."

Registration is $15, which covers workshop sessions, lunch, handouts and orders for 90 classroom newspapers. PTA representatives and principals may register for $5, which will not include the newspapers. A prize will be given to the school with the highest participation.

Teachers may receive a half to a full hour of recertification or in-service credit. Weber State College also offers one hour of college credit.

Other presenters will include: Michael D. Ernsten, social studies chairman for Jordan District's Butler Middle School; Carolyn O. Larson, fourth-grade teacher at West Clinton Elementary, Davis District; Wanda P. Watson, Hartvigsen School, Granite District; Kristie Fink, Hunter Junior High, Granite District.

Also speaking will be Guenther Popp, Newspaper Agency Corp. assistant day foreman; Craig Holyoak, Deseret News editorial cartoonist; Sherry Madsen, coordinator of the Deseret News Newspaper in Education workshop; and Carolyn Dickson, director of the Deseret News NIE program.