Stranded motorists can now get help through the Salvation Army and the Utah Highway Patrol.

Highway travelers who are temporarily out of funds will be able to get gasoline, transportation, lodging, meals or other immediate support, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety.The Salvation Army's Intermountain Division and the UHP and state police in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana have teamed in the new effort in which troopers will carry Salvation Army vouchers, which they will distribute to indigent travelers with immediate needs.

"Travelers run into financial difficulties for any number of reasons," said Col. Duane Richens, Utah patrol superintendent. After a series of breakdowns while driving across the country, Utah may be as far as they can get. The program provides the patrol with a temporary means to assist travelers, he said.

The assistance program has won high praise since it was established two years ago in Wisconsin. In addition to Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, state police in Indiana, Iowa, North Dokota and Minnesota have teamed with the Salvation Army to assist needy travelers in their respective states.