Here, at a glance, are highlights of the federal trade bill passed by the Senate and which faces a likely presidential veto:

Gives the U.S. trade representative authority to retaliate against unfair trading practices.Tightens laws against trading partners found to be dumping goods in the U.S. and eases procedures for imposing import curbs.

Calls for a 0.15 percent import fee to finance benefits for those left jobless when plants close because of import competition.

Requires all but the smallest businesses to give employees 60-day notice of plant closings and large-scale layoffs.

Eases the anti-bribery Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, in some cases ending criminal liability for bribes to officials overseas.

Repeals the tax on windfall oil-company profits.

Provides for billion-dollar increases in agricultural subsidies.

Empowers the president to halt any acquisition, merger or takeover of an American firm by a foreign company if that action would jeopardize national security.

Imposes sanctions on Japan's Toshiba Corp. and the Norwegian company Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk for selling the Soviet Union equipment that aids in making submarines quieter.