The Davis School Board has decided to consider a compromise after a proposal to move the starting time of school board meetings to late afternoon drew fire from local PTA representatives.

Board Member Dan Eastman had proposed that board meetings, held every first and third Tuesday, start at 4:30 p.m. Eastman said the new time would help board members give more attention to items near the end of the board's meeting agenda and better use administrators' time. The meetings, which now begin at 7 p.m., usually drag on past 10 p.m.Shauna Nakaya, regional PTA director, objected at the Tuesday night meeting, saying the members of her organization often have family and professional obligations during the afternoon. Another resident complained that while the board has asked for more public participation in decisions, they would keep people away by changing the meeting time.

After the objections, the board agreed on an amended proposal to meet for closed meetings at 5 p.m. and hold regular meetings at 6 p.m. The board will also continue its schedule of town meetings at local high schools. The board will vote on the measure at its next meeting Feb. 7.