Most people refer to this era as the information explosion, but according to the founder of the Land Institute this is an era of information implosion.

Technological advances and machinery (high energy) are destroying the earth's biological and cultural information because not as much information is stored in high energy as is stored in nature, Wes Jackson said Wednesday.Giving the keynote address at Brigham Young University's Peace and Human Rights Symposium, Jackson said as people have been driven off the land and into the city, they have continued to lose information about the earth and how to take care of it.

Speaking about "Renewing the Environment," he said the first task of the first fathers was to care for the garden. "Unequivocally we are to care for the garden. The primary sin is not to care for the garden."

Species extinctions occur at 1,000 a year in the garden, tropics are being mowed down and the greenhouse effect has caused global warming, Jackson said.

Jackson, founder of the Land Institute in Salina, Kan., and author of "Altars of the Unknown Stone," said there are three reasons for the fall of the earth.

First, humans are unwittingly accessible to the world. Unlike a hunter or warrior who takes what is needed and goes on, people today think they are having a last meal so they squeeze the world for all it's worth.

Second, humans have a great deal of cleverness potential and create the things that they once had and can't do without.

Third, there isn't a proper accounting of cleanliness and appetites and the earth continues to deteriorate because of it.