Three Davis County boiler workers have filed separate federal lawsuits seeking $1 million each in damages from 14 companies who manufactured asbestos insulation.

Kenneth Unsworth of Farmington, Joe S. Vigil of Layton and Vigil's eldest son, Joseph L. Vigil of Sunset, are all present or past members of the Boilermakers Union.Among companies named as defendants are the Celotex Corp., Armstrong World Industries, Carey Canada Inc., Eagle-Picher Industries Inc., Fibreboard Corp., GAF Corp., Keene Corp., Owens-Corning Fiber-glas Corp., Owens-Illinois Corp., Pittsburg-Corning Corp., the H.K. Porter Co., Garlock Inc., Flexitallic Gasket Co., and A.P. Green Industries.

The three recently filed suits say the 14 companies were negligent in allowing potentially harmful asbestos products to be placed in interstate commerce in the form of boiler and pipe insulation.

They further charge the companies allowed boilermakers to use the products without any warning of the potential damages or without telling them to use protective devices.

Among the problems claimed by the plaintiffs are severe injury to their lungs and respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

As a result of developing asbestosis, the suits contend, the three men are more likely to have lung cancer and other long-term health problems that will cause suffering and result in increased medical expenses.