West Germany's diplomatic staff left Kabul on Saturday under orders from the Bonn government, and Tass said the Soviet Union began an airlift of emergency food supplies to this beleaguered capital.

The West German Foreign Ministry said it told its three diplomats in Kabul to leave because of fears of worsening economic conditions and increased violence as Soviet soldiers leave Afghanistan.Juergen Chrobog, chief ministry spokesman, said the diplomats and their families left the city Saturday. He said the embassy would function "on a reduced status" with a small local staff.

Western diplomatic sources in Kabul, however, said the embassy was closed. That would make it the first foreign mission in Kabul to shut down amid concerns about an economic blockade and possible blood bath following the Red Army's departure.

Other Western embassies say they are reviewing their positions now that it appears the Soviets will meet a Feb. 15 deadline for removal of their troops from Afghanistan, where they have been helping government troops fight Moslem guerrillas since December 1979.