Rock star Axl Rose will testify in a suit filed by a concertgoer who claims he was injured when the singer leaped from the stage and landed on him during a 1991 Guns N' Roses concert, attorneys said Friday.

Rose, 31, whose real name is William Bailey, is the main defendant in a civil suit filed by William "Stump" Stephenson, 28, St. Louis, who says his back was injured when Rose dived off the stage and landed on him during the Guns N' Roses concert at the Riverport Amphitheater in St. Louis on July 2, 1991.Rose's lawyers said the controversial singer will testify during the trial.

The jury of seven men and five women Thursday watched a videotape of the notorious concert, which ended in a riot after Rose and his band stalked off the stage. Witnesses have said Rose leaped on Stephenson because he was trying to get a camera the concertgoer was using to take unauthorized photographs.