To the editor:

Thanks to Deseret News staff writer Robert Rice for letting us know what caring, compassionate city officials we have in his story Jan. 13 about the City Council's proposal to raise golf fees.They want to raise the seniors' pass from $175 to $400 - if they buy before March 1. After that it would be $500, the same as the new rate scheduled on the regular pass (now $300).

This, according to Parks Director John Guest and Councilwoman Roselyn Kirk, is to give the seniors the "illusion it's a deal." They also propose to eliminate golf coupons, which Council Chairman Willer Stoler says are used by some senior citizens "who don't know if they're gonna make it through the season."

Judging from these quotes, which Rice would have no reason to make up, the council's thinking goes something like this: "Let's raise the seniors' pass from $175 to $500, but tell them if they buy before March 1 it will only be $400. Those senile old fools don't know what's going on anyway, and they'll think it's a deal. Then if they pop off before the season's over, look at the profit we'll make. Besides, they slow up play anyway."

City Recreation Director Scott Gardener's quote had the ring of truth, "It (golf) is not a poor man's game."

I'm encouraging senior golfers to wait until after March 1 to buy passes so they can contribute more to this worthy cause and to help out such a fine City Council.

Maxine Martz

Salt Lake City