Entertainer George Burns decided to donate $1 million to a hospital endowment fund to celebrate his 93rd birthday Friday, his manager said.

Burns is topping off the pot for a $90 million fund drive for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that he began with a $1 million donation on his 90th birthday, manager Irving Fein said."As of today they've got $89 million ... so he's giving them the extra million as a birthday gift to them," Fein said.

Burns, author of the best-selling novel "Gracie: A Love Story," about his late wife, Gracie Allen, planned to formally announce the gift to reporters later in the day. Born Nathan Birnbaum on Jan. 20, 1896, in New York, Burns began in vaudeville and then became a comedian, performing in radio and movies, most recently in the title role of the "Oh, God" series of films.