SB142 (Carling) - Changes the operation and licensing of endowment care cemeteries, mausoleums and columbariums.

SB143 (Barton) - Increases the percentage of funds used to pay performance bonuses in the career ladder program from 10 percent to 25 percent.SB144 (McMullin) - Requires a set rate on certain transitory personal property throughout the state.

SB145 (Leavitt) - Changes the definition of annuities and of self insurance.

SB146 (Farley) - Changes the definition of victim consent in sexual offenses.

SB147 (Myrin) - Provides that attorneys' fees awarded in a workmen's compensation case be in addition to the compensation awarded the workman.

SB148 (Myrin) - Earmarks a portion of the state sales tax to provide funds for water development.

SB149 (C.E. Peterson) - Requires bids on school construction projects that cost more than $100,000.

SCR4 (Hillyard) - Commends those who have organized financial support for a Utah Vietnam War memorial.

House Bills introduced:

HB205 (Atkinson) - Establishes a governor's task force to investigate pertinent issues pertaining to divorce.

HB206 (Bishop) - Provides for tuition reimbursements to educators for successful completion of a college course with a grade of an A or B.

HB207 (Goodfellow) - Provides for the Department of Transportation to maintain highway informational signs.

HB208 (Smedley, - Amends the Utah Refunding Bond Act relative to the refunding of tax increment bonds.