"Super Bowl Saturday" is what numerous charities are calling Jan. 21.

That when civic groups, including the American Cancer Society, the Diabetes Foundation and Jordan School District, will run up a big "score" at the first ZCMI Charity Night.More than 50,000 packets have been sold to charity supporters for $5. The packets include admission to an exclusive evening of shopping, food demonstrations, refreshments, discount coupons and prize drawings at the downtown ZCMI store from 7-10 p.m. The grand prize is a 46-inch projection television.

"Our Charity Night represents a unique opportunity for Utah charities to raise funds," said store president Lowell Durham. "The more packets each charity sells, the more money it can make." ZCMI supplied 50,000 packets at no cost to the fund-raising groups, which then sold them to supporters.

The event is expected to earn close to $200,000 for Utah charities.