An army report says a Jewish teenager was killed accidentally by an armed escort who showed a "lack of caution" during a clash between Israeli hikers and Palestinians earlier this month.

An official army report on the April 6 killing was released in Jerusalem Wednesday, the same day Israeli troops killed two guerrillas who slipped into Israel from Lebanon and wounded a civilian truck driver.The border incident occurred one day after three Arab guerrillas and two Israeli soldiers died in a clash in the same area, the army said.

Military officials told state-run Israel Radio that documents found on the guerrillas killed Wednesday indicated they intended to take hostages and demand the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

The two guerrillas apparently crossed the border at midday near Mount Dov, at the extreme eastern end of the northern frontier, and eluded Israeli forces for several hours by hiding in thick brush.

The guerrillas opened fire and threw grenades at a civilian truck that passed on an army patrol road, the army spokesman said.

The two riddled the truck with gunfire but the driver jumped from the vehicle, which ran off the road and overturned. The driver managed to hide behind a wheel and was wounded, Israel Radio said.

The guerrillas then fled into a ravine covered with thick undergrowth where Israeli troops pursued the men and killed them, the army spokesman said.

In the same area Tuesday, three guerrillas crossed the border and killed two Israeli soldiers before they were slain. The commander of the battalion that tracked down the guerrillas Wednesday was killed in Tuesday's clash.