Two men accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old honor student are on their way back to Florida, where federal officers say they escaped from prison on Jan. 3.

Patrick Hughes Paige, 21, and Anthony James Cokley, 23, told U.S. MagistrateRonald N. Boyce Friday afternoon that they wanted to return to Florida to face the kidnapping charge against them. Boyce agreed, and his office said it would beup to federal marshals to decide when they will return.Paige and Cokley were arrested Wednesday near Santaquin, Utah County, when a Highway Patrol trooper thought he saw something suspicious about their Maryland license plates. They escaped Jan. 3 from the Marion Correction Institution at Lowell, Fla., according to a federal complaint.

They are accused of seizing Ted Richard Siegel at the gate to his home in Marion County, Fla., choking him and forcing him to drive them to Georgia, New Jersey and Maryland.